Radiation Revolution Protective Wear

All Season Military Grade EMF Protection in High Quality Products

Made in small batches in Calgary Alberta Canada



WHAT MAKES OUR ACTIVE WEAR JACKETS STAND OUT AGAINST THE COMPETITION ? – Our ACTIVE WEAR JACKETS are designed with style and comfort in mind and are produced in small batches when orders are received. You can even order custom fitted jackets. Active Wear Jackets can be worn in all seasons and can be worn above or below other clothes. This versatile design allows the user to wear clothes underneath during cold weather or to wear other clothes such as a winter coat over top the active wear jacket.

The radiation protection shielding is built into the fabric using our inhouse design and fabric to ensure that products can be used in everyday life without bringing attention to the fact you are shielding your body and protecting your health from the deadly radiation emitted from the dangerous 5G towers. Our inhouse Active Wear Jackets unlike the competition also incorporates copper within our custom made fabric that is truly anti bacterial.

The Active Wear Jacket is hand washable without sacrificing the protection and is weather resistant and that includes resisting rain and snow.

No More sacrificing style to protect yourself !

Do you really need protection from 5G and EMF radiation?

Eleven reasonsĀ  you should be concerned about protecting yourself

On Site Consulting Services

If you desire to protect an entire room (s) within your home or office or simply want an evaluation of the current status of the 5G, emf and radiation levels that are currently present then our consulting partners can help. Simply click on the link for further information. – COMING SOON