Our curtains are designed to block EMF Radiation and 5G from rooms in homes or offices.

The advantage to using curtains instead of paint or wallpaper is although permannet in the ability to block the radiation they are actually non permanent and can be removed when required without damaging the curtains or the walls. They can be moved to different rooms or locations and that makes them exremely versatile. They are washable and look great. However when required other drapes can be hung in front of them to create the desired appearance of the room.

The curtains are created from the same material and custom in house radiation blocking material as our Active Wear Jackets. They are designed to fit standard curtain rods and be installed almost anywhere a curtain rod can be hung.

The Standard Curtains are 8 feet in height and 56 inches wide. They are available in 9 ft or 10 ft heights. These Blocking Curtains can be custom made to any width and or any hieght.

We also have a special curtain for windows that blocks a good portion of the harmful rays and still allows you to see out the window or to have light enter the room. We can also design a Standard curtain with a built in area to allow light to come through.

Blocking Curtains Pricing

Standard 8 ft – $ 275

Standard 9 ft – $ 320

Standard 10 ft – $ 360

See through curtains and combinations curtains coming soon.

Custom Sizing by qoute only